Stage Kinetik GmbH
Company for stage productions

Since the foundation of Stage Kinetik we’re dealing with planning, engineering and realization of ambitious and elaborate technical installations for stages, especially in the field of motion technology.

Our main focus is on the development of kinetic special effects by means of computer supported technology for the construction of horizontal, vertical, hanging or standing motion technology.

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Stage Kinetik GmbH is employing over 40 employees at the moment. The majority of our employees work on the production of kinetic special effects. Our computer technology allows nearly any kind of movement of objects and people.

Only who attempts the absurd,
is capable of achieving the impossible.
Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo (1898)

Highest safety standards and total reliability at all times together with the professional preparation and implementation of control guarantees a smooth running of shows and events.

Our clients come from all areas, in which moving technology are necessary. Not only stages for theatres and TV-shows, but also clients from industry, especially the automotive and aerospace industry need our moving-technology for presentations on trade fairs.