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Drive technologies

You already have an idea, a carriage, a stage platform or a scenery wall and want to control it from a central control room at the push of a button?
We offer you individual solutions from our various drive systems, which can also be integrated into your system without complex adjustments.
Manual controls are also possible.

Drop Arm

The drop arm is a telescopic spotlight mount that can be moved vertically out of the ceiling.
With a speed of up to 55 centimeters per second and a lifting distance of 6.05 meters, spotlights could be positioned with millimeter precision.


Stage Riser

Stage risers are used in the stage area, for example, to drive a show act from the backstage area to the main stage.
Stage Kinetik has several stage risers in stock as standard, which are regularly used for various events and award ceremonies on German and international television.
All stage risers have a minimum carrying capacity of 150kg/m². Higher minimum load capacities can be realized on request.

Movable LED walls

Your LED walls can be flown with the EHB rail system, which is preferably used by Stage Kinetik. Alternatively, they can be moved on the ground by means of rail-guided carriages. The weight of the walls is only limited by the static conditions of the event location.
The LED walls themselves can be used in any shape. The track can also have curves or lead over obstacles.
Even walls weighing tons can be moved almost silently at several meters per second. If several LED walls are moved together to form an image, an active locking system developed by Stage Kinetik ensures that an overall image is created without annoying gaps.

Flying systems for people and cars

Imagine that the presenter of your event floats onto the stage at the start of the show. Or you let acrobats or your singer float through the air as if by magic.
We move people horizontally up to 3.0m/sec and vertically up to 2.0m/sec. This is controlled by a SIL3 show controller.

Imagine the press waiting for the presentation of a new vehicle at a trade fair stand. But instead of driving it onto the stage as usual, they let it fly in very gently.
At Stage Kinetik it is not just an idea, but already reality. Individually adapted car support frames ensure that your car is always safe, even at great heights.
And best of all, the car can move at 2.0m/sec horizontally as well as 1.0m/sec vertically.

Remote control platform

Our radio-controlled stage platforms are controlled by joystick and have a floor space of at least 1 x 1 meter.
Due to the low construction height of only 17 centimeters, all kinds of objects can be wirelessly brought onto the action area for presentation purposes. The load capacity of 100 – 1000 kilograms stops at almost nothing.
The platform area can be extended as required and, if necessary, up to several tons can be moved at a speed of up to 1.1m/sec (approx. 4km/h).
The platform can be turned in all directions and even on the spot. This makes presentations like on a turntable possible.
In addition to the electric drives and batteries, there is the possibility to install other devices invisible to the audience, such as pyro-effects or an independent power supply (UPS). For example, spotlights or fog machines can also be operated independently of the mains supply for a sufficiently long period of time.


Our standard treadmills are up to 18 meters long, have widths between 1 and 1.5 meters and can reach speeds of 4m/sec (14.4 km/h) or more.
The treadmills can be built into the stage floor at heights of 0.5 meters or higher, or rolled to the required position by hand thanks to the attached swivel castors.
If you need individual dimensions, we are happy to offer you additional sizes beyond our standard treadmills.

Pneumatic systems

Our Kabuki throwing technique is used to throw a curtain, net or canvas at a specific time.
In contrast to known Kabuki systems, our system works exclusively with pneumatic cylinders, which means that it can even be used in water.
Other pneumatic systems are also available in our company.

Roll-Screens / TUBE System

TUBE is a high-tech solution for transportable and quick to mount roll-up screens on carbon base.
Spans from 1 to 14 meters at rolling speeds of up to 1.2m/sec.
Other roll screens are also available in our material stock.

Roll-Screens Megascreen

Megascreen / TUBE is a high-tech solution for transportable and quick to mount carbon-based roll screens and is unique in terms of mobility, dimension and speed.
A transportable system with a span of 8 to 28 meters and up to 0.4m/sec high roll-up and roll-down speed.


Tracking systems

Our track systems are used to suspend moving loads under the ceiling of halls, theaters or studios. For this purpose we always have the right track in our warehouse for different loads and purposes.
Our EHB track elements are between 0.5 and 6.0 meters long and allow curve radiuses between 1 and 25 meters, whereby high loads up to several tons can be suspended.
Our curtain system carries almost any weight on special rail bogies and is extremely flexible in use.

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