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Welt24 LED Sceens

Welt24 in the Axel Springer Haus

The Axel Springer Haus in Berlin is home to the Welt24 studio, one of the most modern TV studios in Europe. In addition to the autonomously moving robotic cameras and the all-round LED panorama, Stage-Kinetik has installed nine rotatable LED screens on a 30-meter-long track, which can be moved individually or in groups and which close with pixel precision. Always three LED-Sceens together result in the format 16:9, so you can always create the right display area in the studio where you need it.
The control of the LED screens is integrated into the autonomous robot control for the cameras.

Servus TV at RedBull Media House

Two movable curved LED screens measuring 2.5 meters by 4 meters as well as a 5.8-meter turntable make the Servus TV news studio interactive.

ServusTV Drehscheibe und LED Screens

The moving desk from TV Total

The moving desk including couches in the TV show “TV Total”, known since 2003, was also developed by Stage-Kinetik in the new edition of 2021.
Via a joystick the presenter can control the direction as well as the speed up to 2 m/sec by himself.
The construction has a total width of 6.15m and a depth of 2.3m and was completely integrated into the stage set.

LED walls in Studio 1 at RTL

Four high-resolution LED walls with a size of 3.02m by 1.82m which can be moved and rotated 180° on both sides were installed in Studio 1 at RTL. Above each of them there is a LED forest with a height of 1m which has a lower resolution and where a blur effect is created by a foil. Each of these walls has a weight of 1012kg.
Stage-Kinetik also supplied three radio stage trolleys. LED walls were installed on two radio stage trolleys, which can thus be used at almost any location in the studio. On the third one, a presenter’s podium was built to be able to present at any desired place in the studio.

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