Drake Summer Sixteen Tour

Drake on tour with Stage Kinetik GmbH!

On Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour, the most successful tour in hip-hop history, the stage and hall designs were equipped with Stage Kinetik technology. Between July and October 2016, more than 50 shows were successfully supported in the US and in Canada.

In order to successfully implement these effects, Stage Kinetik entered into a partnership with the US company Glow Motion Technologies.

Drake2016us 1

800 WinchOne winch systems

A total of 800 WinchOne winch systems with a lifting capacity of 1 kilogram and a speed of up to 1.2 m/sec were used for this purpose. Each winch was equipped with a color changing sphere with LED technology to create different moods in the halls. The system enabled the programming of different groups or individual spheres in order to represent the most different shapes such as waves etc. and to present design in ever changing ways.