Gallerie Lafayette

Under the management of En Attendant Éclairage & Décors Sarl Frédéric Godeau, the Christmas decoration of the famous Lafayette department store in Paris was realized this winter using Stage Kinetik technology.

2-ton Christmas tree, turning 2 months, 24 hours a day

A Christmas tree that weighed 2 tons and was several stories high was placed in the middle of the large shopping center on the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris and turned with a specific suspension being mounted to the ceiling. Using this technology, the tree was turned 24 hours a day for 2 months without interruption, so that it could be presented to the shoppers from all sides.

188 WinchOne winch systems

In addition, many small “gifts” were released from the ceiling, dancing in a choreography several times per hour until the department store had been closed. 188 WinchOne winches with a load capacity of 1 kilogram and a speed of 1.2m/sec were divided into 3 circles and were equipped with various Christmas decoration elements. Every single winch could be programmed individually or as a group in order to give the entire scene a visual Christmas background.