Drake Boy meets World Tour Europe

Early 2017 marked the start of Drake’s spectacular Boy meets World Tour in Europe. The extensive tour started on 28 January 2017 in the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, where it also ended on 29 March 2017. During a total of 34 concerts, the audience was presented a considerably changed stage design.

In cooperation with Glow Motion Technologies, various LED spheres hanging on winches were light up. Thus, the stage design could be changed using most different colors and shapes to create extraordinary moods in the entire arena tailored to the individual songs.

1000 WinchOne winch systems

A total of 1000 WinchOne winch systems from Stage Kinetik GmbH were used. These winches had a load capacity of 1 kilogram and enabled speeds of up to 1.2m/sec. Thanks to the system’s programmable individual or group movements, the system could be controlled individually.