Mercedes Benz IAA

The highlight on stage were 16 rotating LED walls, a moving LED wall and 2 turntables

Stage Kinetik provided state-of-the-art technology for the IAA 2015. On the occasion of the presentation of new Mercedes products in Festhalle Messe Frankfurt, we have installed 16 rotating LED walls with a height of 9 meters and a width of 3 meters each and a moving LED wall, which served as a scanner moving along on a track in front of the rotating walls.

Under the stage floor, a steel frame including a Movimot drive was installed below each of the rotating walls. Electricity and data were supplied by means of an energy chain, which was attached to the supporting frame of the LED wall in such as way as it could be turned by 360° in every direction.

2 further LED walls, which each had a width of 4.5 meters, a height of 9 meters and a weight of approximately 3500 kilograms, were installed in front of the 16 rotating walls. A heavy-weight track was used as a guide track. The walls were prevented from tipping over by means of a guiding track which was installed at the upper end of the moving LED walls. In addition, 2 turntables were used with 6 meters in diameter for the presentation.