VW Group Night at the IAA 2013

The presentation of their novelties in automobile industry VW issued a clear statement: “We are pioneers in electromobility! Others shoot quick, we concentrate on our goal. Because the first shot has to be a winner!”, said Group-Boss Martin Winterkorn.

In the evening before the IAA 2013 the industrial giant presented among others four new e-mobiles: the Porsche Panamera SE Hybid, the A3 e-tron Plug-in Hybrid, the citycruiser VW e-Up and an e-mobiletechnology based Golf.

Core of the stage was a 15 meters wide and 7,50 meters high hinged wall

VW turned the evening into a fantastic show – not least because of the technical execution, which Stage Kinetik equipped with the kinetic parts. Core of the stage was a 15 meters wide and 7,50 meters high hinged wall. The wall was tiltable with a transmission using movecat chain hoists, which was constructed by us specially for this occasion. With a maximum load of 10 tons and a lift of 13 meters for maximum opening angle of 120 degrees.

Dancing artists supported the presentation scenically and created an optical highlight. Two 5m turnables were installed back stage and positioned the vehicles from their parking position backstage up to their show position on stage.

60-meters of curtain seemed to disappear in nowhere

The curtain, which covered the stage, was pulled away at the beginning of the show. It seemed like the 60-meters-curtain disappeared completely in nowhere. A special winch and curtain track system was made for this reveal.. If you wish, we will make an unique kinetic solution for your event!

The unique motion technology from Stage Kinetik took care that all these kinetic elements turned into an optical highlight for the spectators.

Photos: © Amanda Holmes