VW Group Night at the IAA

Of course, Volkswagen participated in the International Motor Show, which was held from 15 September to 27 September 2015 in Frankfurt, and took advantage to interactively present several product innovations during the Group Night.

Core of the stage were 4 large projection-surfaces and 6 turntables

4 large projection-surfaces, which were each 7 meters high and up to 12 meters wide, were located in the background of the stage. They were each moved using 2 EHB drives at a speed of 1m/sek. The projection-surfaces were suspended 7 meters off the rig. They were used both for the presentation of new features and for the visualisation of several backgrounds.

Furthermore, Stage Kinetik moved 4 VMK 500 type chain hoists for a brand logo. 6 turntables were installed in the stage floor. 3 of them had a diameter of 6 meters each and the other 3 turntables had a diameter of 5 meters each.

9 Movecat entertainment winches were used for a movable safety net

Moreover, 9 Movecat entertainment winches were used for a movable safety net, which was installed for safety reasons above the audience during the flight of a fully automatic drone system. The control was affected using the Movecat controller and using the SKV control system each via Timecode.

The unique motion technology from Stage Kinetik took care that all these kinetic elements turned into an optical highlight for the spectators. The planning and the technical management was delivered by FILMTEC.

Photos: © Amanda Holmes