Opel Geneva 2014

We have caused a stir at the Geneva International Motor Show 2014. Our task was to turn the new Opel Adam Rocks in front of an LED wall around a vertical axis.

For this purpose, we have designed a framework consisting of different elements. There was a frame to which the vehicle could be attached in such a way that on the one hand it could carry the entire weight of the vehicle of up to 1300 kilograms, and on the other hand it could be removed without a trace. Furthermore, the framework had to be assembled in a workshop and the vehicle still had to be drivable or movable afterwards.

Vehicle attachment to the vehicle frame with a round tube

A round tube was attached to the vehicle frame. For this purpose, the vehicle was laterally tilted and lifted up to the final height using a hoisting device. Then, the round tube was screwed onto a vertically mounted pivot bearing.

Only 50 millimeters space between LED wall and vehicle

The framework was 3.5 meters high, 4 meters wide and had an overall depth of 2860 millimeters including the forward protruding beams and weighed more than 1.1 tons. Following the construction of the framework, the vehicle was initially hooked up and then, the LED wall was installed. The installation required a great deal of sensitivity as the distance between the wheels of the car to the LED surface was only 50 millimeters.